Patek Philippe Nautilus Engraved 12AAA Semi ETA Automatic 11999/-

✅ *The Patek Philippe Nautilus Engraved Edition is the world’s most desirable & luxury sports watch which reinforces the brand’s commitment to creating spectacular timepieces with incredibly complicated movement.* ✅

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# Patek Philippe
# For Men
# 12AAAMaster Quality Piece
# Nautilus Chronograph 5980/1A Carvin Edition*
# Dial Size – 42mm
# Features following –

– 12 Hour Analog
– Working Chronograph
– Original ridged Blue dial
– Stainless Steel Silver Engraved Case
– Blue Silicone Strap
– Blue Dial & Engravel Stainless Steel Silver case
– Brand Embossing Time Screw
– Original Heavy Clasp Lock with brand embossed

– Non Comparable Original Semi ETA Automatic Power Resurve Machinery

11999/- Only


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