Cartier Unisex Smartwatch 1999/-

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1999/- Only

*Key Features*:

*Step count*, *distance walked*, and *calorie tracking* for a comprehensive fitness overview.

*Real-time* monitoring of *heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen* levels for a holistic health assessment.

Convenient dial for *making calls* on the go, ensuring seamless communication.

*Sedentary reminder* and *raise-to-brighten* feature to promote an active and user-friendly experience.

*Do Not Disturb mode* for uninterrupted moments, along with a device *reset option*
*Diverse exercise* modes catering to your fitness routine.

*Sleep mode* for insightful tracking of your sleep patterns.

*Stopwatch* function for precision timing and custom dial options for personalized aesthetics.

*Receive messaging notifications* and choose from a variety of interfaces to suit your style.

*Set alarms* effortlessly and capture moments remotely with the remote photography feature.

Elevate your lifestyle with the Cartier Smartwatch –

*where sophistication meets smart functionality.*


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